Monday, October 10, 2011

end of an extra day.

ah, the end of a 3-day weekend.  I'm ready to return to work but wish we had these 'extra days' more often. They are quite nice and today was actually productive for me. Woo x2!
The weekend over-all was a lot of fun. Getting out and shopping Saturday, at a leisurely pace, was great. Sunday Nicko and I went to the "Original Pancake House" and man, oh man was it delish! I wish I would have taken a picture of how fabulous my pancakes looked but I was far to ready to dig in and didn't want to be "that person". Oh well.  Yesterday didn't end in quite a nice way but whatever. Crap happens I suppose.
Today was pretty nice. I had a few errands to do and then Vann got some pictures taken. We did some "football" ones for the grand-parents for Christmas and then we got his Halloween pictures done. I can not wait to see those. We found the perfect little wooden/hideaway spot and was able to get a whole slew of pictures. I got to see some of them as she was taking them and they were everything I was hoping for. I can't wait to get them back. Waiting is driving me crazy.
We did get some rather...discouraging news today. Apparently our "settlement" does have a statute of limitations- 2 years.  That will be February! So now I need to figure out what processes I need to go through to be done with this fucking douche-bag. Apparently he's nothing but a liar & thief according to his collagues. Yay. I knew lawyers were over-all crappy, but did I have to pick the biggest turd from the bottom of the crap-stack?! ...apparently so. The faster I'm done with this idiot the happier I will be.
It's amazing at how many sources I went through, and of course, none of them were helpful even though they are DESIGNED to be "for the people" and all that other ear-pleasing crap they feed us.

So done. I never want to see, hear or deal with another lawyer in my life. Ever.

and, on top of that, I was re-lighting some candles earlier this evening and there was one that was lit I of course didn't realize that until it was too late and...itspilled all over my chest. I should have gotten a picture but it burned a little and I was anxious to get it off... I'm sure it looked quite pleasant as it was white and everywhere. I was not a very happy camper. Thankfully it's not burned or anything and it's incrediably smooth from where the wax spilt.
..a silver lining I suppose. :)

Today really felt like winter was on the way. Even though it was high 70's, the ominious look of the clouds, the random strong breezes and the rapidly color-changing leaves brought that "I'm coming with a VENGENCE" look and feeling.
I'll be fine with an extreme winter as long as we don't have to get out and drive in it, the power stays on and the fridge remains fully stocked at all times.
Easy requests I like to think...

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