Saturday, November 12, 2011

I love that other people have children that happily cooperate and mine just flat out refuses. Oh well. That's just one of the many special things that make him "Vann".  (and the "refusal" attitude comes naturally from BOTH of his parents.)
*original picture on left  found on pintrest. the one one the right is my failed attempt*

       Vann's way of telling me my car needed to smell better. I think we had a total of 7 stuck in one vent.  Good job buddy. :)
                                             Road trippin'.
                                                      Absolutely zero fear of going head first.
                                                  My first attempt at drawing a crown. It is ugly.
                                          (insert fake Italian accent) "Eetz-ah mario!"
No photo color enhancement needed. The gorgeous red leaves of one of our Japanese Maple trees. Stunning colors!

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