Monday, November 21, 2011

eveything at once.

All the hard work I put into Vann's party and I hardly got pictures. I'm such a lame mom. :/  I also forgot to sing him Happy birthday and have him blow out his candle in front of the crowd! :(  That's the whole reason you have parites, right?! Big fail on my part. gosh.
anyway, here are a few pictures of the day, compliments of my sister in law and friends..


all in all I would say the party was pretty good. I just feel like I put a whole lot of work into it for it to be over so dang quickly. Vann really enjoyed it though and even opened a few presents, which I was happy about. I have high expectations for Christmas. :) 
Now that his party is over I can stop stressing out about it.
Speaking of stress, I get to go and deal with the attorney tomorrow. Something I'm not really looking forward to. This whole thing is just.. damn sickening. I'm so frustrated knowing the previous attorney had our money for over a year..and even though we aren't starting back at square one, I feel like we've taken 20 steps backwards..but we are making progress and I really like our new one. he's very no non-sense and QUICK. I would just like to be done. forever. This is the last time I want to deal with any kind of attorney.
Today has been an awful day. Friday I started feeling bad and it's gotten progressively worse. I was able to push it aside yesterday for the party but it wasn't something I could totally forget. Today has been a real "mutha" of a day. I was up at 7 not feeling right and then it was vomiting, spiltting head ache, dizziness, sore throat, cold chills, sinus issues..the works. I slept on and off from 7:30 until about 4 today.  Nicko took care of Vann for me and came in to check on me randomly. (as did Vann. He would climb up in the bed with me and say "mama!" and snuggle. That's the best way to feel better!)  I'm starting to feel a little better now and hope that I continue to do so. Being sickly sucks, espeically when you have a family that could catch it..and let's be honest, sick babies and husbands are probablly worse than being sick yourself! Nicko thinks I'm in the beginning stages of pregnancy, but I don't think so. This feels like an illness, not pregnant.
I've been wrong before though..and I think it's kinda cute he's chalking it up to pregnancy. Could he possibly be hoping so?! :D
 I'm glad this is a short work week (only Mon-Tues!) but can't believe it's already time for Thanksgiving. gosh. Christmas is right around the corner and I have GOT to get my tree and decorations up. I've been such a procrastinator lately. (I don't guess that's too new for me though. I think each year I get later and later..)
 I totally forgot to mention Vann had his 2 yr. dental appointment Friday. I was much happier with this visit than the last. We have to get the passy gone. His 4 front teeth on the top row are starting to 'round out' so we are getting ready to ween him off of it. I don't think it's going to be a fun process for any of us since he's become so dependant on them the past two months. Oh well, it's what we've got to do. Everything else was ok, though he has a few "weak" spots we are watching out for. We're cutting out as much sugar as we possibly can...
 I guess that's really all for now. It's 2 a.m. and of course I can't sleep after resting all day. My body needed it earlier but I'm going to try to force a few more hours in.. I have to work tomorrow and rest is always good when you deal with children for 6 hours. (not including the time I spend with my own darling.)
So, good night for now. 


heather said...

looks like yall had a good time at vanns party, and those cookies are just so freaking cute.

when you said you didnt feel good on fb i was thinking "pregnant" but then when you listed whats wrong im thinking illness.. hope your feeling better today..

and brennen still hasnt had a dental appointment, we get that insurance next month and the whole fam is getting a check up. but we took his passy away when we noticed his top front two teeth were rounded. :( i hate i didnt notice it before it was too late. we didnt slowly take him off since it was harder for him to do that then just take it 100% away at one time. he didnt understand why he got it some times and why not the others.. good luck :)

dana said...

we did have a good time Heather. He really seemed to have a good time, which is all that matters. I was a little miffed because at home he LOVED the pirate ship, but once we got it to his party he could have cared less! Goofy kid. I'm feeling better today. Yesterday was just incredibly rough. I don't know what is going on. I hope to be 100% by tomorrow. I'm all gung ho for just ditching all pacifiers, but Nicko thinks we should ween him off. Since we (I) am off a majority of this week I think we should just cold turkey and deal with it, that way it won't be a big fuss.. Actually, I may just end up doing that. He will tahnk me later. I hope the dental appointments go well. If you come over to this side of town, Dr. Vann is actually pretty good.. That initial visit he just over-loaded me but this time was a much better experience. Plus he's quick, thorough and ON TIME with appointments!