Sunday, December 11, 2011

can you hear the horses? cause here they cooooooooommmmmmmmeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! (the dogs days are over, the dog days are done!)

there's so much to say... but where to begin?!

Edit:// Let's start with Friday night. It was Nicko's grandparents 50th Anniversary and all the sisters (3) decided to throw them a surprise party. I think like 60-something people ended up showing, a vast majority only family.  It was a nice party, a lot of fun and a real sweet event. Not many people make it to 50 these days, and to have that many people there celebrating with you is a neat memory. I'll post some pictures later, my sister in law has them all on her "fancy" camera. :)
Vann was a pretty good boy while we were there (for 5 hours). He played with the big kids, was anti social to most of the adults and devoured like 3 cake pops. (He calls them suckers) He got some balloons and played with his 2nd cousin, Ethan, who is 3 years older than him. He loves that kid and Ethan loves him. They play so well together. Ethan is kind and paitient with him and does everything he can to make Vann laugh. There were some great pictures taken of them interacting, I can't wait to post!

Saturday  wasn't the BEST way to start a weekend. I woke up sick- congested nose, sore thoat, etc.  Then I decide I need to find out where this order is that I made online weeks ago. (Seriously like NOv. 20th) I've waited so long because I know shipping around Christmas can get a little crazy and I'm a little dumb. When I ordered them through my paypal address I didn't check to make sure they were sent to my current address- they got shipped to one of my old ones. (that's how often I use paypal!) And, of course, once you place an order through Journey's you can't go back and change it.  Anyway, Saturday I called to find out where they were and wouldn't you know...Vann's shoes were delivered on Nov. 23rd and Nicko's on Nov. 28th.  Nicko's aunt called the people who live there to see if they got the packages..and their response?! "We got our packages but no one else's". 
BIte me! THat is such bullcrap if I ever heard! I called Journey's back and the woman told me the shoes weren't returned, UPS left them on the porch so OBVIOUSLY they were taken. These people got 2 packages, 5 days apart that didn't belong to them and the boxes just miraculously "disappear"?! I only look stupid.
..and I've got something in store for them. :)

I'm just so tired of being lied to and stolen from! It feels like more and more people are trying to take advantage of us and I have had my fill. From now on, people can SUCK IT!

Things with the attorney are really moving along  though I'm nervous for what lies ahead.  Well, I don't get nervous is the right word.. Anxious is probably better. I'm anxious for all of this to be over with. We are going on 2 years for a car wreck/uninsured motorist case...

Only 5 more school days and then it's a two week break. I can not wait! It's hard to believe we are halfway done with the school year but I look forward to these breaks. They are well deserved!

I just hope this cold or whatever I have (that keeps getting worse!) goes away soon, especially before our break. I do not want to spend that sick- considering I've been waiting on this for a good month now!

Oh, and good music alert: Mumford & Sons... especially if you like the blue-grassy feel of  The Avett Brothers.. both are very good bands! :)

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