Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm really not sure how I should feel today.
I met with the attorney again I'm incredibly nervous about the journey ahead though not regretful at all! I'm just ready to be over with this whole thing.
I hope good comes out of it though. I would like to come out on top for a change..but then again, who wouldn't?!
The more I look back at things the dumber I feel. I can't believe I missed so many things and was so naive/oblivious to the obvious. Stupid me.

Moving on. We went and visisted Santa last night. As a family. :) Vann didn't particulary care for Santa- when he reached out his arms for Vann to sit in his lap, he abruptly closed his eyes and turned his head so he wouldn't have to look at him. ha! He didn't want me in the picture, only daddy, and they sat on the ground next to Santa. THe photographer had some jingle bells which caught Vann's attention and we even got a half smile out of it!
Hooray for distractions.
Maybe next year will be better... no high hopes though.

Anyways, this week has been insanely busy for me. I'm exhausted and tomorrow we have a big party day for Nicko's grandparents. (50th anniversary party)
I leave you with a few pictures..literally. I've been neglegant with my camera lately. :*(

His new robot lunch-box, monogrammed back pack and "Phinneas & Ferb" folder.
Can't believe he will be going to school next month!


heather said...

i freaking love his shirt. where did it come from???

dana said...

thanks. I think K-mart is what my mother in law said. (She bought it.) They were having a good sale and she said she couldn't pass it up because she's not quite ready for him to go to school now. haha.

heather said...

hahaha well brennen isn't going so it would be great for him too... lol