Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I hate trying to come up with a title for each post. Sometimes I feel clever in things I chose and sometimes I can't come up with anything related to my post, let alone something I consider clever to wwrite up there.
Tonight it will stay blank...and I'm okay with that.

Today has been very busy for Vann and I. Despite the yucky weather we decided to get out and about. I needed to get some groceries for our Christmas eve family get-together and just wanted out of the house today. I'm staying away from our side of town (Springville) since they have a illness floating around. (bloody diarehhea, severe cramping, etc.) We headed down to Target and that was a major mistake. I always forget how much I hate driving in holiday traffic. Why it didn't occur to me to get this stuff earlier in the week is not important.  I nearly had 2 wrecks on the way there because people think you are supposed to slam your brakes every 20-30 feet in pouring rain. ugh. Then, once at Target, I'm trying to find a parking space and the woman in front of me hits her brakes and starts backing up.. I had to slam my brakes and, of course, I can't back up because someone is behind me plus all the traffic going in and out. I lay on my horn and curse her from inside my car and then she starts flipping me off and yelling at me.  Serioulsy lady?! You nearly backed into me, which would have caused a chain reaction. She can screw herself..
Target was an experience as well. None of the customers looked like they were having a good day and were very quick to buggy-cut Vann and I. Plus they didn't have a few things I was looking for which was the whole reason I went there. Figures.
Overall, not the usual happy visit I'm used to. And their clerance aisle SUCKED!

Once we left there Vann and I hit up Arby's to have lunch. I was feeling Mexican but that was closer and he'll always munch out on curly fries. I was so proud of him. He sat in the booth all by himself and would every so often dip the fries in ketchup and say "mmm, good!"  He's so much fun. There were also a group of old ladies in there he kept stealing glances from. They would wave to him and start laughing to each other. He got a lot of compliments on his "cute curls".  :)
This brings me up to my nearly-4th accident. I was backing out of the parking lot and NO ONE  was coming or going. (I'm glad I was going slowly) because some jerk in some hickified pickup came FLYING around the corner from Lifeway (of all places) and nearly hit me. Of course, he starts yelling at me from inside his truck and I lost it. I started screaming (forgetting to roll my window down in the heat of the moment) and calling him every ill-fated names I could think of.  As I started backing up, thinking he would let me go since HE almost HIT me, he speeds up around me, throws a finger. and then gets in the DRIVE THRU LANE.
Really? food is that important to you that you would nearly hit someone 2x?! Hopefully you choked on a curly fry. Asshole.

So, as you can tell, driving hasn't been very fun today. Hopefully I won't have to drive/get into town until January. The traffic and morons are just not worth it.

In other news I made a few pintrest-inspired treats today.
I don't know what to call the first (2) pictures. (before and after) They are Hershey's hug & kisses sandwiched between two pretzel squares. Omg, they are so delicious. Then, I made the fried apples with cinnamon-vanilla dipping sauce. Those are by far my favorite. They taste like funnel cake from the fair but the sauce/powdered sugar makes them a million times better. And instead of using it as a sauce, I drizzled it on top of them while hot.
.. I actually wanted to high-five myself for making such a delicious treat.

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