Monday, December 19, 2011

I don't know what's come over me! Today I had the urge to cook... like, really cook. I made some steak and seasoned it myself. I decided instead of going the easy route and throwing some "steak rub" on it I would concoct my own seasonings. I'm not entirely sure what I threw on there- it was a mix of this and a few dashes of that. Whatever I did, it turned out nicely. A little spicy and too heavy on pepper, but good none the less. (Nicko devoured 2 whole pieces,so I would say it was a successful mashup.) I also made home-made sweet potatoes, a nice salad and home-made honey-mustard dressing.
I would have taken pictures but it was gone before I had the chance. :/  Oh well, atleast it got eaten.

I don't cook often- let alone feel the urge to prepare a nice meal but today I was really in-tune with my inner chef.  I wish it would make an appearance more often. (I bet Nicko wishes that more than I do!)
That's part of why I love being off work. I can do things at a leisurely pace and have plenty of time to prepare meals and keep up housework and everything else. I know it sounds like I'm complaining and that I have the hardest job with the longest hours and blah blah.
I'm not complaining.  When I'm working I feel rushed and at 1:30, when my day ends, I am tired. Mostly mentally, but tired none the less. I also have a very busy 2 year old and a husband that demand a lot of my time. Then I have my classroom things to worry about and a lot of that work comes home with me.
I love my job, my kids and the paychecks but I also like being home so that I can do the necessary things (like cook and clean) but also enjoy doing the neccessities instead of rushing to get it all done in my 20 minute free-for-all.
...I'm sure that if I was home all the time though I would complain and want to get out more. :sigh: Can't win for losing I guess..

Onto other things... am I seriously the only person who enjoys wrapping gifts?! I've mentioned it to a few people who look at me like I am either the biggest weirdo they have ever met or I'm joking.. 0_o  is it seriously that strange?! Maybe I go over the top a little because I like my gifts to all be wrapped in different paper and have an assortment of boxes, bags and "shaped" packages..  To each their own but the reactions I'm getting are just... not nice!! Plus, I've never realized how many people despise the 'gift wrapping' part.
Next year I am absolutely offering my wrapping services starting on Black Friday.  Hook me up with a couple bucks and I'll wrap anything you bring me. I'll even provide the packaging. :)


heather said...

i love wrapping gifts too.. one of my fav parts...

dana said...

glad to hear I'm not the only one! :) are things getting any better for you guys?

heather said...

not really. nothing new. he got the unemployment which is making ends meet and we were able to buy christmas but just not the normal amount we usually do. But there are going to be some temp opening at his unit in jan that im hoping he gets since that will put us active and will be a really good paycheck and housing allowance.. thats what im hoping and praying for. so i guess we will just have to wait and see.

oh i did have an interview at primrose daycare on 280 and i left HATING it. the house suck. and the people are beyond fake/ass kissers. also I have to wear polos and dress pants everyday and in aug brennen has to wear the same. I dont get to come up with my lessons or crafts. they do it for you. so i told david I just wasn't sure. I should hear from her in a week but i don't know if I will take it or not if its offered to me. I just left not feeling good about it and I had planned on going to school when he left for afghan in june. so it would really eat into time with brennen. so idk yet.