Sunday, December 18, 2011


How do you measure a successful weekend?
I guess for each person it's different, but here's my breakdown:

Friday: Nicko fixed the washing machine, Vann was back to his happy self and  all 3 of us had an early bedtime. :)

Saturday- We all slept in until 8 a.m.  Nicko and I got the house cleaned. I came across several new and wonderful bands. Nicko got a new smartphone. *jealous but happy because he lets me play on it.*  Vann spent the night at Ya-ya's house so we could have a date night. THe date wasn't anything spectacular- had dinner at Logan's (and we had a very dumb waitress) and then coming home to cuddle and watch Breaking Bad... which has exceeded my expectations. (I love Bryan Cranston and am glad we actually took the time to watch it.)

Today, Sunday, has been spent mostly laying around. I got paid to wrap  some presents for a (male) friend. I felt it important to identify that it was for a male... I told Nicko that I would honestly wrap presents for any/everyone bcause it's one of my favorite parts about the holidays..
. I'm going to have to offer my services to more people from now on. :)
I enjoy it plus a few extra bucks here and there doesn't hurt.

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