Sunday, December 4, 2011

That's Un-officially our Christmas card.
He was cooperative for the most part, just not interested in smiling. Instead he was making goofy faces and talking 90-to-nothing! It's a cute card in it's own way and most certainly unique!
We made the shirt the other night and he LOVED it. He's very into arts and crafts, which is totally fine by me. He even let me show him how to use 1 finger, dip it and then print all over the antlers. I had to hold his other fingers back but he tried his very best and giggled the whole time. :) I wish I would have gotten pictures of us doing it together but daddy also helped and there was no one to photo-chronicle our craft time. :/ 

So yeah, Merry (early) christmas bloggers.

Onto new things. Christmas shopping is nearly completed. (I've said that like 5 times already.) I only have 1 gift left to purchase and then I have 3 people to give cash. Oh, and fellow teachers but I'm giving them a little snack basket & a gift card to our local "teaching" store.  I don't have to worry about getting that stuff until next week though.

In other semi-related Christmas news, I think Nicko will actually be buying me gifts this year! (As I've stated before, he could care less about buying/exchanging gifts and I have to literally tell him what to get me. So it takes the surprise/fun out for me.) I've bought him a few things already and told him what his really special gift was (he was having a terrible day and I thought it would brighten it up for him-which it  did.). I even bought myself a gift, wrapped it and put it in my stocking. I think that made him realize that I do want/hope he gets me things.
 Anyway, he's asked me to look for a camera I want, has mentioned a Kinect bundle and tossed around a few other ideas.  Honestly, either of those would be fine! I just hope to have a few presents under the tree that he picked out for me. I would be happy with anything, just as long as he tried.
I also think this new job has made him feel better in a lot of ways. We're finally coming to a point where we can afford things again and even have a little left over. I think some stress has begun to leave both of our shoulders and I think he's beginning to feel more like a "provider".  This is all my take on things, and I could be way off base, but it's just subtle changes in him that I percieve.

Things are going in an upward direction for us now. Finally! I just hope they continue to go upwards or we atleast plateau in a good spot rather than back in a downward spiral.

..and have I mentioned how OVER rain I am?! We're having decent temperatures again, let's not bring rain back into the mix! (Especially with only 2 weeks left of school. These kids need to get OUTSIDE!)

Oh yeah- Vann goes to school in January! I'm soooo thrilled with this! I bought his new backpack, lunch box & a monkey ice-pack for him the other day. :) I've got a few more odds & ends to get and then he's ready! I just hope I don't cry when I drop him off in HIS classroom. (gah)

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