Saturday, November 26, 2011

vann post.

Wed. 11-23-11
It took me all day to get the Christmas tree up. I started off really excited about it but by the time I got all the branches on the tree I was over it. I always forget how much of a pain it is to put the branches on, fluff them out, put the lights on and blah blah. The past few years a lot of my holiday cheer has vanished.
Next year I think I'm springing for a pre-lit tree. It's just way too time consuming, especially with a toddler around. Plus, I just don't have the paitience for it like I used to.

I bought this for Vann at Wal-mart the other day. It was on sale for $30, which is a little expensive but I know he's going to love the mess out of it. He saw it on the shelf and started "roaring" (because he saw the lion) and I knew at that point there was no turning back. It also comes with some sort of animal d.v.d and I got him 2 additional animals to go with it. It'll be fun to watch him play with him since he's really into imaginative play now. :)

Friday. Nov. 25th  His great aunt bought him a dog (late) for his birthday. His mouth/eyes move and it sings "Do your ears hang low?" He ADORES this dog. Yesterday morning he wouldn't talk to me or get his cup of milk until he found the dog. Once found he talked to it, hugged it and kissed it for a solid 5 minutes. All was right in his world from that moment on.  He's such a funny kid. And he looks so dang cute in his mis-matched dino pajamas!
(the reason he has his passy is because he sleeps with it. We're completely eliminated it during the day.)

I have really regressed on his potty training, something I have got to get back on the ball with. I tried yesterday and everytime I set him on the potty he started crying. I don't know if it was because of "control" or because it's been awhile since he's sat on it he was uncomfortable. Either way, I have got to get him back in the habit of sitting on it and eventually peeing in it.

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