Wednesday, October 8, 2014

That guy in Dallas died today. Here's what I think. (and you probably won't like it.)

Am I the only one pissed off that MORE service men and women are being sent to Africa to build 17 additional CDC building?
"Meanwhile, up to 4,000 service members are expected to head to West African countries ravaged by the Ebola epidemic. They will be monitored several times a day and, if any of them contract Ebola, they will be flown back to the United States aboard a specially designed plane for treatment."

So, here's my question...what happens AFTER the flight? Where do they go? What happens next? Why are we not being informed??

Quit sending people over there and quit letting people come in to our borders. Self preservation, people.

Fuck you Obama and all your pussy little committees. You too, CDC.
This is a major epidemic already. Do we REALLY need to continue sending more people into this bull crap?

shut. shit. down.

and I don't particularly feel bad for the guy in Dallas that died. what exactly did he expect to happen? and why would he WILLINGLY potentially infect his family and others? I can agree the hospital didn't do their part in detection but if that asshole would have stayed where he was then guess what? THERE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN A PROBLEM IN DALLAS! (but I'm sure eventually some other jackass would have done the same thing somewhere else. so, it could have been delayed, at best.)

As for border patrol/customs agents. Do they REALLY think a questionnaire is going to work? Someone who KNOWS they are sick (with Ebola or whatever else), are they ACTUALLY going to put down where they are coming from and share what symptoms they are having knowing that they will be denied access and, at the very least, be quarantined? What kind of moron comes up with this and thinks it will actually HELP? Are we really this fucking stupid? And agents are suppose to be looking for physical symptoms. Never you mind it has an incubation period of 8-21 days. But, I'm sure that's easily spotted. Easy-peasy.
I'm just astonished at how this is being treated like no big deal. Really? People go crazy over celebrities, movies/fandoms, have riots over the most mundane non-life-threating things. But this, a real epidemic that is just continuing to grow, we just brush it off as assume the asshats in charge have everything under control. No one seems pissed that soliders are being ripped from their families and homes to be sent to West Africa where the possibility is STAGGERING that they will become infected and probably die, for what? Am I missing something. It just doesn't make sense to me.

As I get older maybe I am becoming less of a 'humanitarian'. I want my kids (and myself) safe from everything that I can possibly protect them from. I feel like with each passing year of my life the stupidity levels of those around me (especially in various areas of government)increase 10 fold. Why are we, as a country, afraid to say no to others? Why do we put their "needs" and DEMANDS ahead of our own people? It pisses me off. We need to stop worrying about everyone else and get our own damn house in order.
Close the borders. Stop flights in and out. Get these infected individuals OUT. Let other countries and political officials think we are assholes and selfish. We are, it's not a secret. Quit contributing to the problem!

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