Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hello, Stranger.

another 6 months rolls by before I feel like updating. What's new, right?

So much has happened in our busy, chaotic little life. Having three kids has been easier than I ever expected. Don't get me wrong: there are days where I just want to cry or take a walk away from everyone. It's hard. No doubt about that. But, we have found a little groove that works for us much quicker than I ever anticipated. (and that's a pleasant surprise!) The babies are thriving and growing so much each day. Vann is in 4k (heart be still) and loves it. I'm the one that's really struggling with that. When he was in the preschool that I worked at I had no trouble 'letting him go' and was pleased with everything he seemed to be learning. His teachers seemed so much more devoted and curious about him, his interests and his personal life. This year, at his new school, it does not feel that way. at all. The communication between his teachers and I try to be active but I perceive them to be annoyed by my questions. It very well could just be me. I'm just not impressed on many levels. But, I refuse to let Vann hear me talk negatively or show a lack of interest in his school/teachers. I want him to be happy and if I just have to glue a smile on my face for him to continue enjoying it...well, so be.


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