Monday, November 1, 2010

little boy, big times, sweetest memories.

I loved how these turned out. Just a great picture opportunity while waiting for a table at Logan's.

Destroying my movie shelf. And he got caught. Think he got upset? No he did not. Instead, he just smiles like "aren't I cute?!"  turd.

This is why he's cool.

and this is why you don't let Gramma dress him. Denim jackets are wayyyyyyyyy out.

first Family Halloween photo. Please excuse the largeness. :/

Trick or treating with Hannahbug.

Daddy & Vann. <3

Rockin' the sideways hat & the "goonies" shirt. What's up?? THAT'S what'sssup.

The goody bags I've made for his party. I think they turned out fairly well.

This is for drawing, but I thought it would be good to use as an "autograph" caterpillar. Memorablilia.  :)

plates & napkins. They're acutally blue, not purple.
sleepy man. All worn out from busy days.

When did he get so big?!


heather said...

I love the favors, you did such a great job...

dana said...

Thanks so much Heather! :) I finally get to go and decoarte today. I'm anxious to see it all put together.