Sunday, February 6, 2011

the sun goes up, the sun goes down, the sun comes round and round and round..

This weekend has been an interesting one. Not because we've been exceptionally busy or had a lot of super interesting and amazing things happen. It's just been great because a whole lot of NOTHING has really happened.
Yesterday we spent the majority of the day with Nicko's grandparents.  Nana brought out some old photos that I was just in awe of. There were pictures of her mother at nine months old.. and she's 88 now! There's just something about black and white pictures that captivates me.
Being with them really made me miss my grandparents.  I can't believe that they are getting so old. I feel like I'm losing so much time with them- and there's not a whole lot left to lose. :/ 
I don't look forward to seeing them go, especially my grandma. We've had our tribulations... a lot of them.. butI really think I love her the most.  Eh, enough of that. I'll travel down that road when it comes.. hopefully VERY MUCH LATER.
  Back to yesterday.. after being with his grandparents for a vast majority of the day, we spent the remainder with his little brother- who isn't so little anymore. He outweighs & is taller than Nicko. (With a 10 year age difference.) We went out to dinner, talked trash to each other and played Mario kart for awhile. For a 12 year old, he's a cool kid. I remember the days of him being little though.. amazing how much he's grown in such a short time.
Then, I found love. We went and hung out with my brother and his friends and, much to my amazement, Brad broke out some 3d glasses... for the PS3. yes my friends, that is right. 3D PS3.  I was curtious to the room but I never wanted to put down that game. It was AMAZING. We have to get one. Doesn't matter how, but we will have one in our house. Soon. (though I don't know how I'm going to afford the glasses. They are $150 a piece.)  oh, I'm so smitten.

and that brings me to today. We cleaned house a little and rearranged but that was all. The majority of has been spent piddling around and Nicko coming to randomly love on me. I'm happy with today and wish they lasted everday, all day.. (but I'm too smart to know that doesn't happen).
By the way Vann has broken yet another tooth.. but this one was a long time coming. His top/bottom front teeth now have an equal 4 of each.  And he's becoming quite the little chatty monkey. Our vocab isn't very big but we're working on it. Things he can say (on HIS time) are : mama, dada, daddy, juice, cookie, cracker, bye bye, bath and baba.  We're still working on "cat", "fish", "thank you", "eat" and a few others.  As far as standards for a 14 month old, I'm not sure where he should be, but I'm happy that he can say a few things, and is trying more. As a parent, that is all  that I can ask. :)
I do worry about him because he's been exceptionally clumsy this weekend. He fell at the grandparents yesterday and hit his forehead, has fallen a few times today and about 20 minutes ago really gave himself  a goose egg on his forehead again. But, I guess that's what happens when you have a bad attitude, get mad because you fell and then bang your head on the floor.
Goofy kid. :)

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