Saturday, February 19, 2011

 We're taking Vann to the zoo for the first time and then going to walk around Botanical Gardens for awhile. Ah, I really hope Vann enjoys the day. He loves animals (like cats and dogs) and I really hope he takes in everything the zoo has to offer.
The wonder in a child's eyes is amazing and I hope to capture it in picture after picture today. :)

 Nicko and I have started excersizing/getting into shape. Not that he needs it- he's supporting/encouraging me. Which I am truly grateful- mostly after the fact though. haha.
THough I'm no where near what I want or should be I am making some small progress.... and hey, a little bit is better than none. The stuff I have been doing has come relatively easy (for what I thought was going to happen!)
I'm just glad I have someone to push me along and work with me. That makes a big difference.

Plus, I want to look decent for CJ's wedding in April. I don't want to be some gigantic caucasian blob in a dress up there. ugh.

Anyway, time to get ready for the day. SO EXCITING! :) I really hope he enjoys it.

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