Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Vann think he is so much bigger than what he really is.  He loves to climb on any and everything. I've been trying to encourage him not to climb with not a lot of luck. He's had multiple fall downs and boo-boos but nothing really seems to be detering him. A little while ago he was climbing on the couch and fell off... FACE FIRST. (and we have hard wood floors- no kind of carpet to help soften any kind of blows) My heart sank because it was a BIG fall. the kind you can't save no matter how hard you try - and what made it worse was for a few seconds he just laid there and didn't make a noise. I know it was like 3 seconds, but I just froze. Then he rolled over and started whining (not crying- more like whimpers) and that's when I saw his mouth was full of blood. i have never bbeen more scared in my life. I got him calmed down, and he seems to be fine now but I can't find the source for all that blood. I've checked his lips, cheeks, tounge, teeth and that part that attatches your top lip/gum and I don't seee anything. (though he's not the most cooperative).
That was just an incredibly bad feeling, and I don't know why I would just freeze.
It's my job to help protect/save him and when he gets hurt I just stand there like a moron with a stick up my butt.
There goes my parent of the year award. :(

In other news I'm really enjoying this spring break situation.  It's funny how when you're stuck at home all the time you can't wait to get out and work and vice versa.
Guess that's life though.. and as the Rolling Stones so eloquently put it "you can't always get what you want..."

We're down to the final two months of school and I'm so excited.  I can not believe how fast it has gone. man oh man.
look out summer!

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heather said...

aww poor vann.. Brennen has had multiple mouth bleeding falls and I know the feeling of just standing there like did that just happen. I have froze before and I felt awful afterwards but it is all part of learning. I mean heck isn't the first kid the tester anyways lol.. Brennen fell the other day at the park and busted his gums around his teeth, cried for a sec and then wanted to go back to playing with blood all over him. I guess boys will be boys.. Hope your having a great spring break and enjoying your time off..