Monday, March 14, 2011


let me start off by saying- HE'S READY!  :)
 I've been backing off mentioning the "another baby talk" and everything associated with it. Saturday night (in a drunken stupor) I brought it up again and we talked a little about it. Last night we were laying on the couch and I brought up our conversation again, not really thinking I would get a big answer. when, low and behold, he says "I am ready. If it happens, it happens and I would be really excited about it." SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Does this mean we are going to start trying? Probably not.  But I doubt we'll use protective measures either. :)  I'm so excited.

For a good year now I've had baby fever. I can't explain to you why, because Vann is still a baby.. but I want one. I feel like I NEED to have another one. Besides, Vann needs a sibling. He's somewhat posessive now and we need to go ahead and nip that in the bud. Plus we are at that 'age difference sweet-spot' right now. (assuming it happened anytime soon there would be a 2-3 year age difference at most.)

I also want a little girl. badly. I told myself before we had Vann that I wanted a boy first- and got one- so now I'm willing myself into having a little girl. Possibly twins, but I will be happy with one. ;)  I know a lot more goes into the sex of a baby, but hey... it doesn't hurt ?!

........and that's what's happening in our world. Maybe it won't be long and i'll get to announce I'm pregnant. haha. ;)  


heather said...

I am so jealous... I want another one so bad but he will be gone for a year and it just isn't fair. I talk about it all the time with him, I know he would like another but wants to be here when it is born and he wouldn't be able to. Im so excited for you though. Boy or girl either will be great and I know you are gonna come up with a super awesome name for it since vann ambrose is freaking cool.. So I super excited to hear the name :)

dana said...

The "waiting" does suck. and i always hate having the talks with nicko because i feel like i'm pressuring him. i just want him to understand where i'm coming from and how i'm feeling. i've backed off and i don't know what made him switch his mind or if he's just going along with it because he knows that what i want..
and we've already got some names picked out. girl: ava jude and we really like rion jett for a boy... things could always change ,but i'm pretty love the girl name and more than likely won't agree on anything else... plus, that's the only girl name we've agreed on and he's still not crazy about it. (I LOVE Brynna and Ivy Danielle- both of which he says are stripper names. ahah)
maybe when david comes back you guys will have another one. he'll be gone for just a year?you've got to give him credit for wanting to be there when the baby is born though. that's super sweet!! he sounds like a good guy/daddy. :)

and i tried responding to your post the other day but something wouldn't let me. don't know if it was my laptop or the site.
bbut i HATE those "coming home" commercials. they make me tear up everytime they come on and i always try to change the channel...with no avail. hahahah. i'm an emotional person when i see people cry/upset/tears of joy and EVERYTIME that gets me. (the animal abuse commercials with sarah maclaclhan's song "angel" are the single worst for me. ) just can't handle it... i imagine how much more it affects you since you actually know that feeling...

but don't be embarassed on how you feel about him leaving. i imagine it's perfectly normal to go through all those feelings... just talk it out. it'll make you feel better! I don't completly understand what you are going though or how you may feel but i'd be happy to listen if you ever needed it. :)

heather said...

Thanks dana your awesome... yeah im happy he wants to be around with the next. He gets 2 weeks off and home during the year he is gone. Plus we want to be settled with the military once he returns, its just a whole lot of waiting...

I love ava jude and rion jett. those are awesome... I try to not bring it up all the time since when we got pregnant with brennen i kinda kept asking and asking. so this time i want him to tell me he is ready. And those dang animal commercials get me too...