Saturday, July 23, 2011

classroom progress.

I am thrilled to report that I am about 75% done with my classroom.  I ended up getting a lot more accomplished that what I thought I'd be able to do.  Here's the progress thus far.

I'm not thrilled with this so far.. I need to add a paper background so everything pops. I'm considering black but will have to check the supply room again.

This is not finished yet, but I'm really happy with the colors I chose. I still have to add my glow-in-the-dark stars and the children's astronauts.  I won't get the astronauts back until the school year starts, which is fine. I want them to take the astronauts home, decorate and add a photo to the helmet. I'll then laminate and attach a clothespin to each `to display art.
I'm excited to see it completed. woo.

There were more things to take pictures of but I got distracted and  for whatever reason, people wanted to have lengthy conversations with me even though I was on a time schedule..
that's the way it always works I guess.

I did get ahead of schedule by completly rearranging all the toys shelves and putting the correct toys with thier shelf.

Next week will be spent cleaning/washing all the toys and doing last minute touch-ups.
Then to prepare myself for our meet-the-teacher night.  I always stress out when it comes to that. haha.

happy weekend.

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