Monday, July 18, 2011

creativity boosts.


this is my rocket-ship wishlist. It will hang on our classroom door the night of our open house/meet the teacher. parent's can pick a star-sticky note that has 1 thing we desire for our room.
here's the drawing of the robot. Ready for some painting.

near completion. I still have to add the color blocks & knobs and cut him out.
that funny colore squiggle line on top of the black is ACTUALLY glow-in-the-dark paint. I'll be using it for the stars in our room later this week. woo.

here he is all cut out.  all that's left is to add the color blocks & knobs to his chest.
I think he turned out well. :)

the start of my rocket ship for our "out of this world" art wall.

the start. I got so hung up on details I forgot to take pictures while doing it. :( 
oh well.

and there's the completed rocket, along with robot, complete with lime green boosters.  Looking at it now I notice it's a little...lopsided. Oh well, I'm happy with it and anxioius to see it all put together in the room. The rocket is really going to pop on the black paper.
I'm also making stars and painting them with the glow-in-the-dark paint which I think the kids will get a real kick out of.

This year is going to be the best theme yet for me.  :D

I'm not the most artistic person in the world, and I'm completely fine with that. However, there are times that I am impressed with my ability- this being one of them. Especially since I didn't copy these from transparency paper like I had originally planned. They are perfectly imperfect.

"Toot, toot"-ing my own horn. :)

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