Sunday, July 17, 2011


i am on a roll today!
I have free handed both space ships that I will use for my class room, as well as the robot. I had the design that I wanted, but much smaller than what I needed. I am pleased ,actually exceptionally pleased, with how it all turned out. I'll have to get some paint to use later this week to finish 'em up...and have pictures posted of the procees, of course!

I'm making a lot of headway and hope I can continue in the next few weeks. I want to have everything ready to put up in my room- assuming I even have a room- before open house. (lame story for another time) If I'm with my currently assigned co-teacher I need to have everything already lined up and ready to go because she struggles with any direction...and I'll still have to probably end up correcting whatever she 'tries' to do.
 All that's left is to make the color boxes for the robot, my #'s with the correspoding number of 'space ships', and my shapes that will have a varitey of astronauts hanging off each one. In my head they are ADORABLE. Hopefully they will go from one to the other with ease. :)  The only lame thing about all this is I'm going to have to copy it to transparency, blow it up and re-draw, then color it all, put it together ,laminate it and re-cut it out.
It's probably more hassle than it's worth but I want most of the room to coordinate with each other.

In other news it's 1:15 in the morning and sleep is, once again, eluding me.   The good part to this: the glee project is back on.  As dorky as it is (and a complete waste of time- according to Nicko) I love it.
Hearing Damian talk is a bonus, and Cameron is oh-so-serious eye candy. ohhh-la-la-nerd! Like for real, tight fitting pants and black-framed glasses-bone skinny-tall-pasty-awkard-with a sexy voice and guitar skills.. mmmmmmdang.
that's the stuff my fantasies are made of. :)

that seems a good note to end on anyway. :D

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