Friday, July 8, 2011

fatty, fatty 2x4.

Being a fatty-magoo isn't much fun.
I've decided to finally start taking steps to slim down some of these curves. Today, actually this evening, officially starts my 'sugar free' drinks. I have slowly weened myself off of soda's (last night i had half a 20 oz. of that purple mt. dew) and today I finished off what was left of our sweet tea. From here on out it's all about splenda (ugh), water and maybe a diet soda or two. I'm kind of torn on whether or not I want to drink diet/zero sodas.. I'm afarid it will be too tempting and I'll be able to justify having a regular one vs. a diet friendly one.
an 'official' decision on that can come later.

I'm also going to start getting B6, B12 and the lipotropic shots plus a perscription for an appeatite supressant.
I hope that this works. I need to drop a solid triple digit to consider myself fantastic looking, but  whatever comes off, if anything, ,will make me happy.

And you  know what is going to make this expericence even better? The fact that my good looking and already incredibly slender hubby is switching to non-sugar drinks with me, pushing me to do things I don't want to do- no matter how much I complain and being the supportive rock I need. 
What else can you ask for?! :)


heather said...

i loved being one the pills. they work girl. i've only gained 10lbs back.. and that just happened :( i just need to work out and ill be good again, just be careful. you can get very dependent on them, i know i did. getting off them is hard. also i would keep an extra eye on if you were pregnant since i have no clue what that would do to a baby **( although im sure you have already thought of this, and by no means am i telling you what to do)**

please get me motivated so i can get my weight off too...

dana said...

i've heard wonderful things about the pill/shot combo. i am so excited and ready to start. nicko's aunt has been using it since january and has lost 40 pounds. i will be totally happy with that, if not more!
i haven't heard of anyone having a hard time getting off the pills, but doesn't mean it isn't true. thank you for the heads up. i'll be sure to remember that and tell nicko so he can keep an eye open.

as far as the pregnancy thing- well i may be holding off for a little while. nicko is considering/trying to change jobs. if he gets this one in particular he will be gone and traveling often. i'm a little concerned about being pregnant while he's gone. it's all a gigantic bag of 'what if' right now but i'm worried. he's convinced if he gets the job and if i got pregnant that he could get from somewhere to me with no problem- I'm not nearly as convinced as he is since the job will require him to travel all over the state and possibly the surronding ones (La, Ga, FL).

and don't worry- i don't take it as you telling me what to do. if anything, i appreciate you being concerned!!! :)

heather said...

Ok just wanted to make sure it didn't come off wrong and all.. David travels so much now and pretty much has since brennen was born. I would love to have another now, even knowing he would not be there for the birth. but i think i could handle that, well maybe.. but with job changes we are holding off also.

The pills weren't awful to come off of or anything but if i put on a lb i would freak. like right now i've gained 10. and im FREAKING. when the weight gain started it was like 5 solid lbs and i was sick non stop. so i thought i was pregnant, but im on the pill so it would have been weird; however i knew i had skipped some and not on purpose. so i let the 5 go until i could take a test. by the time i took the test i had put on 10 and got a neg, then came the prd. now im all but killing myself to get it off.. so really what im getting at it i get all upset if i see the number on the scale go up and it was b/c when i took the meds all it ever did was go down. nothing ever bothered me but that when getting off them, like my crutch was all of a sudden gone.

dana said...

oh, ok. i'll definately tell nicko though taht way, incase something turns out, he can be prepared and do what is necessary.

i'm just not prepared to go through pregnancy alone. if i have to, i will but just not my preferrance. i hope you guys are able to have another one soon. :)

heather said...

yeah that would be awesome but i don't see it happening until 2013, or at least thats when he has said we can try for another one...