Wednesday, July 13, 2011

late night/early morning.

I hate the fact that I can no longer sleep. I'm not making it to bed until 12-1 in the morning (and that's not because I'm tired- that's MAKING myself go and lie down) and am getting up at 6 or 7. 
I'm functioning pretty well during the day- which is incredibly surprising since I usually require much more sleep. I'm not needing a nap, or even feel like taking one.

Today Nicko's cousin is bringing her 11 month old to play with vann while they wedding shop for her sister. It should be a fun day. The boys seem to like each other (they usually have a play day once a week) and it'll be good for vann to have some more interactions.

I'm having some classroom anxiety this year- which I don't want to get into right now- but I have figured out the cutetst theme- Rocket ships!  (this one is cute but I haven't officially picked a specific design. It's just for imagination purposes.)

This will be our color robot- I'm going to blow him up on transparency and make a large version for our classroom. All the buttons/knobs will have a diffferent color. I think he's adorable. :) And, according to nicko, robots and rockships can go together. (as long as you don't over due it.) Sounds okay by me.

 I'm sending the atronauts home for the kids to decorate, cut out and add a picture of their face to the helmet. They can be returned the first day of school. I'll have them laminated, add a clothespin and hang on the wall to display their art. :)  I'm really excited to see how these turn out. I have high hopes.  These will hang on our "space" wall which will be covered with black paper, aluminum foil stars and a large rocket ship. It will say "Our art is out of this world!"
I've got all my ideas together and will start working on everything tomorrow probably.  I did however get our daily sheet and weekly letter redesigned. I think it turned out so cute! I just hope that the ideas in my head transfer to actualility with ease.
Our newsletter heading is "Blastworthy News". Nicko thinks it sounds lame, so suggestions are appreciated!

i've got to get going though. I need to pick up this house and get myself going before the baby arrives.

have a fantastic wednesday.

Noah, Vann's 2nd cousin is here. They are so cute together. Vann is thrilled to have him here. He keeps getting toys out of his room and bringing them to him. Noah just laughs and laughs at him and tries to follow him around the house- he crawls and Vann runs at top speed. ha.  He's a little selfish once Noah actually gets a toy. He goes over, moves his hands away from it (gentley if you can believe it) and says "Go". 
I'm not getting onto him because he doesn't know, but I'm trying to encourage him to share. Anything that he's not using i will give back to Noah and I'll tell Vann to give him something. He thinks it's funny but has shown a real interest in throwing balls at him. (which is what he likes to do with us) so I'm just going with the flow.

He definatley needs a sibling.  and school.

all in time I suppose.

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