Friday, July 15, 2011


typically i have the intention of starting early on things- i.e. putting away christmas and birthday presents- but it rarely happens.
This year seems to have other plans. I've already got quite a few things put away for various family members, vann included. It's not a bunch, but it's a start.  I've also gathered quite a bit for Vann's party in four months. ha. 
Yesterday I went and got some pictures of him in pirate gear done. I had a free shoot and figured I might as well get it done- once school starts back I have a tendency to fall behind. Anyway- here are a few pictures from our adventure yesterday. I was so incrediably proud of him. He turns into a compeletly different child when there's a camera around- and someone else is taking the pictures. ha. :)

i love this one.

he didn't realize we were watching him. He's actually playing peek-a-boo with the tree. I was actually emotonial watching him play like that. :)

and there's my big boy. Can't believe his 2nd birthday is around the corner. gah.


heather said...

omg i love the pirate outfit... it is soooo cute... where did you get it??? and the pictures are amazing...

dAna said...

thanks heather~ actually nicko's mom got him that outfit and a few others, before he was born. they were on clearance at walmart for like .50-.75 cents a piece. it's actually a 3t which i was amamzed by b/c the shirt was a belly shirt and the pants were like 4ft too long. i actually ended up cutting themm all jagged like and think it worked for the better.

i've decided to use the pictures as center pieces at his bday party. i'm going to frame them and set one on each table and probably surround it with gold coins & the fake jewelry. i think it will be cute and i can bring the pictures home and hang.. which is a much better idea than last year's bulletin boards of photos.