Friday, September 2, 2011

babe in boots.

one seriously hip fella.

boots & bikes..


See the scratch that goes from jaw to forehead?! courtesy of Triton (unintentional of course.) Daddy came running when he heard Vann yell and naturally Vann milked it.

I think daddy liked the snuggles though. :)


heather said...

i freaking LOVE the boots and the pictures on the bike are so my fav. he will love them when he get older.. he is def one hip kid..

dana said...

Thanks Heather. I found them in his closet and they just barely fit.. it will probably be the last time he gets them on- i just thought it would be so cute to get some pictures of him in them. He found the motorcycle and that's what happened.. I'm trying to let him get used to wearing them (i have to get a new pair) because we are going to do some pictures for nicko for christmas with vann and his boots & nicko's old cowboy boots.. i'm so freaking excited!! haha i don't know if he will like them when he gets older- he'll probably think i was goofy for doing it like most kids think of their parents- but it's something i will love forever. :) and thanks, i think he's pretty happenin' too. :) how are you feeling?!