Thursday, September 8, 2011

compromises & Loss of power.

Adjustment is hard.
I knew going into this that Nicko would be gone sometimes, but I really did not think it would quite so much. Of course, last weekend he spent the majority of it away, including Monday. Tuesday he had to work a 30 hour shift, Wednesday he got home a little early and tonight he worked until 8ish- though he thought it was going to be another all nighter. Tomorrow we're not sure what the game plan is but he's about 90% certain he's going to be working again all weekend.
It's a lot to get used to and on top of that; the power was off all dang week. No one we knew had any so Monday night we roughed it out, Tuesday the kiddo and I spent the night with his aunt because I didn't want to be alone with Vann is a dark house.. last night Vann spent the night with his grandparents because they were lucky enough to get a generator. Nicko and I came home and passed out nearly immediately. haha. Thankfully the power came on tonight- but I only think it's because I've called APC every day..

In other unrelated news, Nicko very randomly blurted out how he's 'so ready' for a new baby. :squeeee:  I love when he just randomly has baby talk. It truly makes my heart so full.  ♥
I've picked out a new girl name that I just love..and I seem to be the only one who likes it. "Nikko Tatum" He wants a child named after him, which I am fine with. I, however, will not consider 'Nichole' (in any spelling) because I just don't care for it. I really don't know any other names that can be close to his.. Nicko is different and I think it's cute.I just don't want him/child to have the same spelling- I think there needs to be a slight variation. I really like "Neko" but he's crossed that off and settled for the double k's. (compromise, blahblah) He hates, and I meant HATES, Tatum but I'm standing my ground.  Of course, Ava Jude will forever be our backup name.  I love it, I truly do, it's just that Ava (like Ella, Grace and everything else under the sun) is just too dang popular. I don't want to have a child in a sea of 'same name syndrome'. That's lame to me. And of course his name will be passed to whatever gender our next child will be. If it's a boy we'll drop the double k's and probably do 'Nico or Niko'.  Not 100% on that. I'm highly considering 'Davis' for a boy since that was my maiden name. It doesn't have that great of a flow with our *goofy* last name but maybe with a right middle it will be ok.. who knows.

I'm so happy the power is on but geez do I have a lot to do around here. With this new job Nicko is flying through some dirty clothes. and OMG do they stink. :/  Why it couldn't have come on at a decent hour is beyond me- I would like to have gotten closer to the bottom of the laundry basket than where I'm currently at.. and it's 10:30. (lame). Thankfully there's not a lot of dishes and the house just needs a little TLC (sweep, mop, dust). One of my best friends is coming into town for a wedding tomorrow and I can't wait to see her. She is a real character and I just adore her. :)  I'm so happy we'll get to spend time together. And this will be her first time meeting Vann! (Military husband and she lives far away)

I've got to hit the hay. Have a happy Friday- I know I'm sure glad it's here. :)

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