Sunday, September 4, 2011

lonely weekends.

It's Sunday and guess who got a call to leave...again?
This is really going to take some getting used to. He had a blast last night. Said he got to ride on the back of a pick-up truck with the rail tires. Today he's left to go to a town about 30 minutes away to clean up a diesel leak. Who knows how long that will take, just glad he's relatively close by.

He got home at nearly 2 last night. I was happy he made it home but I wasn't able to sleep without him. Sappy, I know.... The house did look pretty good though. :)  I even got tonight's dinner cooked..haha. That's a plus since we're coming up on the season finale of True Blood..
speaking of, I have to admit.... I'm not totally stoked with this season. It's still enjoyable but it's not quite as good as previous ones. I'm thankful Lafayette is still in it. He, Terry, Eric, Jason, Pam & Jessica really make the show for me. I'm so over Tara and Bill.. ugh. Tara should seriously die off. Her character really has no sustantial role and she's so a drama-downer. I am glad Tommy died though. He was another one I could have done without.

Here's what I did last night. Some of it anyway. The garage was scary looking, I admit. Even the cleaned up pictures aren't that great. A lot of what I did involved finding and putting all the tools away, throwing some junk away and re-organizing. There's still a good bit of things to be done and I haven't tackled the other side- which is officially Nicko's. I had intentions on doing it today but since he's gone and vann is more than likely won't happen. Some of that crap stacked to the sides is what we are keeping for a friend. I"m not sure what we plan to do with the baby stuff... we might take it down one of these days, then again, we may be needing it before too long.

I re-did the cabinets too. I can't stand how everything just gets chunked in there with out lids and whatnot. So I spent an hour putting lids together and cleaning out all the other cabinets in our kitchen. Ridiculous, but glad I finally did it.


heather said...

i feel the same way about true blood. i hate bill now and im getting mad at sookie now since she isn't sure of eric. im glad they killed tommy off, he was annoying. tara is another issue. she is nothing but drama. i just dont see the point of straying that far away from the books. it is crazy and all.. i am kinda loosing interest in it all together.. im about to reread the books again since they were so much better.

dana said...

tonight's episode i liked for the most part until the end. I swear if they kill Lafayette off I'm done. It opened up a lot of new questions, which I like, and I'm really interested if Jason will inherit the fairie gene- I really thought he was about to when he was trying to save Jessica.. does it ever say if he does in the books? and yeah, I hate bill too. He was never really a big deal to me and I always thought his character was...weak I guess. Tara- ugh. She was ok for the 1 & 2nd seasons but after that I was done with her. She just gets more and more outrageous and causes drama that's really not necessary or dealt with in any of the episodes. I miss sweet Eric- but I"ll take him any which way.. boy is FINE! haha. i still haven't read any more of the books. The first one just didn't do anything for me and I can't get in the mindset to go any further.. I'm sure they stray from the books but are they very different?! how many are there and are more supposed to be coming?

heather said...

yeah like everything that happened in the series didn't happen in the book minus eric losing his memory and getting it back and jason being bitten. everything else they made up. in the books bill is not king and jason turns into a panther. also there is this awesome vampire named bubba (elvis persley) he is really the best. and sookie kills debbie pelt and sweet eric buries her and once he gets his memory no one know where she is since it takes awhile for him to remember what happened to him. and all the with stuff is no lie like 2 chapters. is is mainly her w eric and then dealing with hadley's death and vampire marriages in N.O and she gets 2 new roommates.. so very different.. no spell making vampires come out in the sun or anything. the books are the best. i almost don't even want to watch the show anymore since they are such a let down. plus in the books layfette is killed in the fist book. he was in andy's car in the parking lot, not miss jennette. that was the only thing i was happy they changed.. im telling you once you get past the first books it is amazing. the relationship that comes out of eric and sookie is so sweet. and book 9 and 10 you meet eric's REAL maker(which is not godric) and there is a huge fairy war that i wish they would put into the show. but im sure they wont..

dana said...

well, there's something that happens last night with Andy & a fairie that I think is the start of the war.. I was really disappointed when Lafayette died in the first book. Also, I had no idea Hadley died?! wtc. I think the first book had an intro to the second but I remember bubba being mentioned. Maybe now that winter is on the way I will break down and read the rest of them. All i hear are good things regaurding the series it just didn't really do a lot for me. eh. we'll see. I really liked the idea of the necromancy/controlling vampires and what not idk.. I got so mad when she invaded lafayette last night. and I hope they don't kill Jesus either.

heather said...

actually jesus wasn't in the book since lafayette wasn't. but tara is sweet in the books, not gay and gets huge pregnant. im going to the library tomorrow to get the books again so i can reread them they were that good.