Thursday, September 15, 2011

hello China? I've got something you may want....that's right...all the tea!

wax mouth/fangs. got them for $1 which is exciting because I haven't seen them in i-dont-even-know-how-many-halloween-years! I hope he grows to have an appreciation and love for them like I did/do. :)

finger-moustache. Sounds like a dirty sex move. haha.

This kid LOVES destroying his book shelf. I am really considering taking it out of his room. He drives me CRAZY.

Saturday on the way back from grocery shopping. Funny boy I say.

He loves to lay on my legs while we watch tv. I guess it's his way of cuddling/relaxing without having to actually his daddy.

Blow up jack-o-lanter and black cat for halloween. Got them at the dollar tree and he loves them, which is so obviously displayed. The pumpkin is his 'ball' and he gives the cat kisses..and drags it 'round by it's tail.

coolest. kid. ever.

He really likes Clifford too. (Thanks Kohl's Cares!)

In other news the lawyer ACTUALLY called me today. Of course he had an excuse- he always seems to have one. Supposdly after his father died his mother had a stroke and has had two brain surgeries. If it's true (and I hate to not beleive him) that's really sad. I hope the best for the family.
Who knows when we will actually close out. I'm postive it will be another six months- if it's any sooner than that I'll be pleasantly surprised. I've just lost any 'realistic' timeline with this dude. Like every other conversation I've had with him I wasn't able to get any REAL information out of it just lots of "I'll call you" and "were on the finalizing of it"... ugh.

work didn't end up going so well today. My fuse was...short with kids and teachers alike. I'm almost regretting spiliting up the teaching months as well. September hasn't exactly been a shining educational month. It's been...a lot louder than what I like and what the kids can probably handle. I have to do A LOT of tuning out..and the occassional bathroom breaks just to get a grip on my sanity.
Today is Nicko's birthday too. and my cousin's who I JUST REMEMBERED I forgot to send a bday card too. Crap. Guess I'll do that first thing tomorrow.  It's fifteen to six and he's still at work. Last we spoke he was getting off at 4:30... we'll see when he comes shuffling in the door. We're not doing anything special tonight- he wants to save it for the weekend. Vann and I got him a variety of his favorite candy (Reece's, PB m&m's and starburst). I also had Vann make him a bday card ,which he liked. Ill make him a strawberry cheesecake later this weekend. He's pretty pumped because it's the season premiere of "It's always sunny" which is one of (our) favorites. I just hope it's better than last season.

I brought Vann's 2nd cousin, Noah, home with us today. They are so cute together but boy is somebody jealous. He does not want Noah to come within an arm's reach of me. He was hitting him on the hand and trying to pull him off. I had to whoop Vann and move him away because of how mean he was being.  I did bubbles and Noah went crazy!! He was laughing so hard and just grinned from ear to ear. It was cute. and I love to hear the two of them talking- they've apparently got a lot to converse about and mimic each other.
Babies are the best things ever.
* he's got to have a sibling. *

And that's all from me. Nothing too exciting but atleast we've made it happily through another day.
Here's to tomorrow. 'clink'

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