Wednesday, September 21, 2011

rockabye baby..

this kid is so funny sometimes. :) reading in his laundry basket. 9.20.2011

Yes, he lined them up himself. 9.20.2011

fell asleep waiting on me. :) 9.20.2011

                                      Today 9.21.2011 we decided to go outside and play with chalk.
                                                                  It was short-lived.

adios chalk.

I tried to put him in his baby swing- he's apparently ready for the big-boy one.

He discovered the creek today. Note what he's holding-and see how many pictures it is actully in....

..and the chalk is gone. I tried to get a picture of it going 'down river'.

Even though I had his hand he slipped and though he didn't go far (Thank God!) it scared the Holy BeJesus outta me. It's about an 6 ft. drop into maybe a foot of water but still don't want it to happen. It's full of rocks/boulders and the like.

i love this sweet dirty face.

our front creek under the driveway.

some kind of flowers/weeds/etc. growing by the creek. They are neat looking, kind of like fireworks but I have no idea what they are.

he saw 'bubbles' in the water.

he no longer needs help on and off his horse.

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