Wednesday, November 23, 2011

talkative toddler.

Since turning two, right at a week ago, Vann has really started taking up talking. Here's a breakdown of some new words.
Banana (a'ana  he calls it)
dog (he will say the animal AND their sound)
Grandpa ( I have no idea where this came about. We call his only grandfather "Pop" but he said it 3 times last night...)
lay down
good job (from all of our flashcard time. After he gets one right I say it.)
good girl (talking to the  cat)
bull (the animal)
baby- clear as day!
light/hot (we've taught him to not touch lights because they are hot. He'll point to the light, shake his hand and say "ight, ot")
want more
gold fish (Again, not sure where he got this from. We call our goldfish just plain ol "fish")
back and elbow (working on body parts!)
Owl &  "whooo"
and we've FINALLY mastered "baaa" for sheep. Now we just have to "mooo" instead of "booo" for a cow. haha. :)

The kid understands everything (when he wants to hear it) but I really think his vocabulary should be a little more. I have to remember that he's freshly two and I don't need to over-whelm him or give him expectations that are out of his developmental range.  The fact that he can talk, and does, is a good sign. Obviously he's hearing, making the connection and trying to mimic. We're just going to keep working on it all and see where it goes.
I'm really excited that he may begin pre-school in January! Yep, you read that right! All I'm waiting on is the final word from Nicko. :)  It will be such a great experience for him and the teachers that he will have are going to be phenonemenial! (I have their class from last year) I'm very excited for him because I know he will learn in so many ways and will actually get to interact with kids his own age. :) We'll see what the future holds! (fingers crossed it works out. I've just got to enourage Nicko a little bit more!)

Here are some pictures of him playing with some birthday toys. He's still very weary of Cookie monster.

                       His actual birthday photos.  I bought him Extreme Moose tracks ice-cream and the kid loved it! He got mad that no one else would share thiers with him after he finished.. so he used the 'left overs' in his bowl to cover himself. Normally, I wouldn't let him do it but it was his birthday and bathtime anyway. :)

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