Tuesday, February 21, 2012

abc rock.

I'm lucky in a lot of ways.
I'm lucky to have a husband who loves me pretty unconditionally.  And, at times, I know I make it hard on him but he never seems to second guess it.
I'm lucky to have a family of my own. That is a luxury not everone is given.
I'm lucky to have a home, a car and a fabulous job. I'm lucky I can help provide for my family.

..and I'm lucky that I have a child with brains in his head! For a (still pretty new) 2 year old he is blowing me and his daddy right out of the water. This weekend, for example, he started pointing at letters in random order when they were called out. Nicko and I were amused and thought this was happening by coisidence so we kept calling out letters that were harder. With little trouble Vann was able to find them (with the exception of C, G and R, S). I finally had to get the camera out and record it because as astonished as I was, I knew everyone else would think I was blowing smoke up their bum.
Yesterday I took out several different types of alphabet cards I had (perk of being a teacher: you always have a surplus of materials!) and we worked on them some more. To make me beam with even more pride I would show him 3 cards and ask him where a certain letter was...and he would find them without my help! He even started calling several of them by name and repeating their names after me.
My smile could have lit up the world yesterday and my heart was on the brink of exploding into a million butterflies. 
We've started working on his colors and shapes too. He's already aware of "red", "blue" and "circle" so now we're just working on the rest.

I am, quite possibly, one of the happiest mama's in the world today.  (and a lucky one too!)


heather said...

that is so awesome. brennen has had shapes, numbers(1-15) and colors down for a year but those dang letters he just will not learn. he knows about 5 and thats all. so you must tell me how vann learned them. nothing seems to work with brennen..


dana said...

ya know, I'm not really sure beacuse we have hardly touched the letters. He's been into animal sounds for so long that's what we've been focusing on. (and shapes occassionally- he LOVES stars.) He's got 3 different leapfrog toys, we watch the "my baby can read", "Yo! Gabba,gabba" and the leapfrog movies from time to time. Letters just haven't been a priority, and to be honest I thought he was too young. My sisters-in-law said they've been working with him a little bit on it but apparently something clicked. l Personally have a deep love for Leapfrog, I think their way of teaching is great.. if you don't have any of those toys you may want to invest in a few. Plus, most all of them you can personalize for Brennen, which may really appeal to him. 1-15 is pretty impressive though, way to go Brenn! How's he doing about the monsters?!

heather said...

yeah brylee knew all her letters before she was 2. it was amazing, but the funny part it tj wants her to be awesome in the math department and the poor girl can't count past 11. its so funny. she can name all the plants and in what order they go in but can't get past 11..

we tried the your baby can read things but he hates the movies. he loves the flip books and sliding cards. he is really into super why! right now and they are big on finding and talking about what they call "super letters" and they do a lot of spelling too. he is really good at memory cards where he has to find the letter that begins each work. he plays a lot of super why! on the computer. so maybe that will help. he starts mothers day out in aug so maybe they can teach him something. he hates learning from me :(

dana said...

sounds like he's doing a great job! My co-teacher really likes word-world (I can't say it to save my life. I get tounge tied.) It's a cute show but everything is spelled out (ex: the dog looks like a dog but he's made out of the word.) He might like that?! My baby can read isn't for everyone I guess. I know a lot of people who didn't like it at all. But, the same is true for learning- not everyone can do it the same way. That is funny about Brylee- math is hard! Where is he going to MDO? I'm sure he will enjoy it and learn a lot. Vann gets tired of me trying to teach him things too- guess it's cause we're their "mom". But, he does listen to me more than he does his daddy! :) Btw, how far along are you?

heather said...

brennen is going to first baptist church of alabaster 3 days a week 9-2. he does watch word world. some of the animals are funny looking since their names are longer then the animal should be lol. now this morning david did some addition with him and he could answer them all. so thats a good start.(he still counted fingers to get the answers) i am 15 and a half weeks right now. we find out what the baby is in like 3 and a half weeks. im so ready to know so i can SHOP... i'll do a gender reveal picture after we find out :)