Tuesday, March 13, 2012

dreams of sleep, restless days.

I'm so tired of BEING tired all the time.  I'm eating a little healthier (small steps since I don't really like a lot of "healthy" food) and trying to get enough rest each night-with a child who fights to go to sleep until he just goes until he crashes and does not care to sleep in his own bed (bed hog too!), plus the "lovely" time change:it all feels like a futile effort.  I think I'm going to have to get "supplements" that will help my body.
Not really a route I want to take but.. it's got to be better than dreaming of my bed 22 hours a day. (yes I'm exaaggerating..a little.)

In other news things have been on the up-and-up for us. I've recieved happy news from a big thing we're dealing with (can't talk about) and I hope the end of that is in sight..with a happy ending!  Nicko's been home a little more which makes me happy. A few weeks ago he was gone for 2 1/2 days..and I didn't enjoy it. Well, not entirely.  It was nice to have a quiet house and.. it doesn't seem to get as messy as fast when he's not home. ;) But it is lonesome..and single parenting is NOT for me. it's takes two (usually) to make a baby and it takes both of them to raise one too. just saying.

My birthday is in a mere 4 days away. I'll be 28 (ugh) and to ice the cake (ha!) my 10 year high-school reunion is coming up. I highly doubt I will go- I hated most of those people during school, have hardly kept in touch with any of them and I doubt it will change seeing them now.Matter of face, I have officialy talked myself out of even considering going! Why do people even have school reunions?!  Doesn't make sense to me.
 It's just hard for me to fathom it's been THAT long. You just don't realize how quickly time slips by.  (Doesn't mean I'm nostalgic about school or the people involved.)

Vann makes me more proud every day. With the exception of today.. he made a fool of himself and me in the hallway of his school. He was tired but the tantrum he threw put me into quite a fit. He got quite a few spankings on the way to the car.  He can be awfully hard-headed and the boy has a temper just like his mama & dada. Not the best combination, I admit.  Despite the 'tude, he's got quite the brains and I'm so amazed/impressed by everything he is absorbing in that big ol' brain of his. :)  He can correctly identify red and blue, occassionaly purple (and the way he says it is SO freakin' cute). He's trying to mimic yellow and orange but we're not quite there yet. Last week we did his number cards and he can identify 1, 2 & 5 immediatley. He's obsessed with ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING circle- he finds atleast 100 different circles everyday, no matter where we are or what size. It's really impressive that he can pick them out in certain instances.. he can also find/say star and heart. We're working on square and triangle too. The kid has MASTERED his alphabet by name and sound. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around that. I have kids in my class that still don't know even half of the alphabet, let alone the sounds they make.
I want him to be smart, I love that he is.. but I don't want him to be TOO smart and get bored or have lazy teachers that aren't going to push him. That's what worries me about the future. I know as long as he's at his school the teachers he has/will have are fantastic and will nuture him in every possible way.. it's "public" school that scares me and homeschool is not an option. Oh well.. I've got a while before Ireally need to worry about that.

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