Thursday, July 12, 2012

photo recap of summer time.


It makes me so happy that each year Nicko takes the time to do this for Vann. I think it's sweet and this year Vann loved seeing daddy play with the sparklers then run to me and see what daddy made on the camera. He was so very excited!
Here's our little man's "art gallery".
One thing I have been good at is having him do a canvas every 6 months. I love them and how different they all are!

left: 6 month canvas (was presented to daddy as his first father's day gift)
Right: 1 year canvas.

left: 1 1/2 year canvas    Right: 2 year old canvas

His latest canvas (2 1/2) He said "look mommy, a rainbow!" and by golly, he did a dang good job! :D
I can't wait to do his 3 year old canvas.
We had a day to paint and create. He took it upon himself to paint his hand and stamp it all over his paper. (when I tried to help he said "No mama! Vann do it!" umm..ok?!)

I'm so ready for Disney! I hope he loves it as much, if not more, as I want him to.
7 glorious days until our departure.
This mama is READY!


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