Sunday, August 5, 2012

and ah-one and ah-two.

So, the time has finally come.
I am over and beyond the moon. :) 
No one ever reads my blog, but just incase, especially you FB friends, NO POSTING ON FB.
We're keeping it a secret from family (that's why I posted on here) but I am just so thrilled, I have to share: somewhere.

I officially found out Thursday afternoon and I've been all smiles ever since.
I'm the worst at keeping secrets, especially my own (obviously) but this is such a big deal, and we've been trying for over a year now.

I'm just a truly happy girl.
(and no throwing up!...yet.)

1 comment:

heather said...

OMG. SO FREAKING EXCITED FOR YOU.. i swear i wont tell... i know yall are so excited. now you can use those super awesome names yall picked out :)

btw i love the hair :)