Thursday, July 5, 2012

victims pay the price eventually.

I am so excited that we are getting the hell out of Alabama for a week! I am officially on my "Florida countdown"! I haven't been home in 4years and I really think it's going to help re-center me. I've felt off-kilter for awhile now and hopefully this will help level me back out. I miss home so much and hate that we can't visit whenever we feel like it.  I am grateful to be going back, even if it's only for seven short days...
  I want to take Vann to Disney so badly. I want to see the magic that truly is Disney, light him up from the inside out. I know he will be competly amazed and I can't wait to see that. PLUS, he's having a 'mickey mouse' party this year and I'm hoping to capture some candid photos to use for his decorations/invitations. (2 birds, 1 stone, yaddayadda)  Besides, it's not  like Disney is a punishment for adults... Nicko has only been once and though he's not said anything, I know he's secretly dying to go again. He was the happiest boy in the world his first visit..four years ago.

In other news our 4th was pretty good. The day was spent with Nicko's family- laughing, grilling, making fun of each other..ya know, the usual. We ended up skipping going out and watching fireworks- neither of us really felt up to dealing with a bunch of sweaty people (and traffic) plus an irritable two year old staying up past his bedtime. This year Vann surprised me with his utter lack of  interest in fireworks. He didn't seem scared just totally un-interested. All he wants to do are sparklers. He wants to sit for HOURS, have dadddy help him light sparklers and make designs with them. After a few'sessions' he comes over to "review" some of the photos I've taken and then it's back to daddy to light up more. He's so funny. :)

this past weekend Nicko and I had a date night, so we decided to see "Ted". Not a bad flick but not nearly as funny as I thought it was going to be. (Granted, there were very funny parts aside from the previews) It's not something I will probably own but seeing it once was good enough for me.  I'm totally pumped about the new Batman later this month (except Anne Hathaway- ugh.) I wish there were more Harry Potter's to look forward to though. :sigh:

and I'll end on that note....
...waiting for more HP. Take note Ms.Rowling!

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