Thursday, December 27, 2012


This kid of ours is a real trip! As much fun as Vann is, I can't imagine what kid #2 is going to be like! I've already got my hands full..

The other day Vann said he was 3. I told him yes, he was right. He then said that Daddy and I were 4. Of course it was cute, but I quickly corrected him that no, were we not. I was actually 28 and Daddy was 26. He cocked his head to the side and contemplated for a minute before saying "and I'm 23!" Nicko and I both had to hide our laughter because of how serious he was. And, somedays, he does act like a 23 year old. He already thinks he's grown. :D

He's really funny and quirky like that.  He's usually got quick responses to things too, which is wonderful. I can see both of us in him but the "me" part definately outweighs the 'daddy' part. Except when it comes to bedtime- then he is EXACTLY like his father. I need to set up a camera one night and get a picture. They both, no matter what cycle of sleep they are in, have to be as close to me as possible. They steal my blankets and push me to the very edge of the bed, entrangle their legs with mine and have their face as close to mine as possible, breathing all over me. I like cuddling occassionaly, but they are enough to drive ANYONE crazy! (Plus I get super hot during the night and they don't help.)

Still no name for the new baby. Nicko still likes Finn and I don't. He has said he's okay with Nash (which I like) but he's only about 30%. We haven't even started on middle names and I am really unsure if we are EVER going to find "the" name for this kid. We've asked Vann for his input (mostly just to include him, but he could pop off with something perfect) but he remains admanat about "marioluigibowserprincessdaisy".

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