Thursday, January 23, 2014


I can't believe it. As much as I wanted, hoped, prayed, begged,etc. for a little girl I never thought it would actually happen. And yet... here it is. Undeniable proof that, yes, in fact, we are going to have a sweet little bundle of pink entering our world in a very short time.
  And I am over the moon.  All I can see, all day every day since finding out, is pink this, lacy that, skirts and ruffles and bows and all things GIRL. I can not wait for her to arrive so that we can do constant out-fit changes and head bands, ear piercings and everything else.
          Yes, I am in trouble. I can see buying everything on the face of the planet that is cute and being okay with the excuses that "no, she doesn't have enough clothes", "but, she would look SO CUTE in that!"  or "this outfit totally matches these one pair of shoes"...

Nicko said that this was the last kid he wanted. I was not sure that I agreed, especially if we had another boy. Now that we know I actually think I am okay with this being our last. Talking, or even thinking about it, doesn't have my stomach in knots, make my eyes well up with tears or even bring on a sinking feeling like before. I actually think our little family may be complete upon her arrivial. Vann, on the other hand, has a completely different outlook. During this pregnancy we have been asking him occassionaly what he wanted. Depending on the day his answeres were varied but in all honestly he seemed indifferent, which was fine. (It was more a matter of him being a part of it and us trying to let him know he could have either without going too in depth) Before we left Tuesday afternoon for the ultrasound we asked him what he wanted and he couldn't make up his mind. He was eager to find out though and we told him as soon as we got back he would be the first to know.

Well, even though we announced the gender to his family with donuts (thank God Valentine's day is approaching and stores are anxious to get as much money out of holidays as possible) all was not well in Vann's world. He was PISSED it was not a brother and that is all we have heard about since. I've tried talking to him about it and explaining that it's okay to be upset it's not what he wanted but that sisters are going to be fun and he gets to protect her and that means we continue to get his muscles bigger and bigger. THere will be moments he contemplates it, seems okay with the idea and then blurts out "I don't want a girl! I want another Finn! I like BROTHERS!!!" and we start all over. His teacher at school said she mentioned him having a sister and he said, in all seriousness "I am not. I am having a brother because I said so!" Well then... I guess it can only go up from here, right!?


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heather said...

Brylee was the same way. she cried and cried when lyida told her it was a boy. it will pass and he will love having a sister. maybe take him to the store and let him pick out an outfit for her, maybe that will help. and girl you are in for it. girls are so much fun :)