Monday, March 17, 2014


my 'parents' never cease to amaze me. And not in a good way. A few weeks ago my 'dad' calls out of the blue to announce he has rented a car and is making a nine hour drive up here because he is bored. I was floored and pissed off because to say we have a strained relationship is being nice. Thank god he changed his mind and went back home only an hour into his trip.
then today my 'mother' and I get into an argument and she calls DHR on me claiming, among many things, that I am an unfit mother who is using drugs. Its laughable to say the least but I am infuriated. One thing she said in particular really sent me over the edge. She says that she "feels sorry for my kids because of how crazy I am but wants to have a good relationship with me". Um, are you kidding me?!

this weekend has been shitty enough and her drama is just the icing on the crappy cake. Fuck.

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